What We Can Do - Get A Grip Today
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What We Can Do

Are you feeling helpless and dont know where to go next?

Then dont look any further, we can help with many of the daily issues you face and also the ongoing pains with many different techniques.

Anxiety and Stress


Back Pain

Confidence Issues

Low Self-Esteem


Joint Pain

Sleeping Problems

Fears and Phobias



Emotional Issues

Weight Loss

Internal Conflicts

Stop Smoking

Enhance Performance

Our mission is to help as many people as we can and set them emotionally free. Help them to realise they are good enough, they have got what it takes, the past is over make a good future, release the hurt and live joyful, take responsibility for your life and future, be yourself and to help people realise that we are meant to be free and happy.

Our vision is to run a holistic centre in Bournemouth offering NLP, EFT, IT, Meditation, happy workshops. The centre will have a sea view.

We would like to run within the next five years, a family business and the opening of our holistic centre. We offer 1 to 1 session, from home or office and workshops run in local community centres or hotels.

We advertise on the Internet, face book, linked-in, leaflets, business cards, contact local schools, colleges and give a PowerPoint presentation.


Our audience will consist of people that are ready to make changes in their lives for the better. Also people that are in authority that want to help others i.e colleges and schools. Their maybe people that need the help and are willing to give it a go. Some members of the public may have heard of NLP or EFT and are curious to learn more.

We are Ethical, compassionate and fun, we are genuine in the help that we offer, we offer it with compassion because we care about people and we will always bring in an element of fun so people enjoy what we do.

We offer life changing strategies and freedom from emotional blocks and issues. It’s really works enhancing people’s lives; most people need help in some way or other. As we are running the business as a family we can appeal to a much broader spectrum as we each have different skill sets I come from an IT background and would like to concentrate on EFT for both individuals and groups initially.