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Fears and Phobias


Fear is a very natural and instinctive response to danger whether that danger is real or imaginary. it keeps us safe. Who in their right mind would not be a little bit scared if a snake wriggled out from under a bush or something went crash in the night.

Phobias on the other hand are when someone has an irrational fear of a specific thing. so they might be fine with needles, but will run a mile to get away from a Clown or a Mouse. the 10 most common phobias that I have come across are Flying, Dentists, Death, Spiders, Snakes, Water, Needles, Heights, Driving and Public speaking. These phobias and many more can make people’s lives downright miserable. causing symptoms from sweating and palpitations to a full on panic attack and vomiting. The actual fear of the phobia can sometimes be be just as debilitating as the phobia itself.

There is hope.

Most phobias in my experience stem from either a remembered or an unremembered event. So once the originating cause is established, meaning the root cause has been found  the sufferer can begin to rationalise their fear and break free. Sometimes the originating event is not in conscious memory  then this may  require deep trance regression techniques and ideometer signalling.

Causes of phobia are normally from childhood events. Which can be even as far back as when they were in the womb and on occasions it has been stated past life.

The treatments will vary from practitioner to practitioner and the suitability of the client. NLP offers some excellent quick phobia models such as reframing and timeline. while taking the client into the Matrix can also produce results in just one session. The important question to always ask yourself is “have I got down to, and found the root cause”? if not the phobia may well have been conquered but the real problem might manifest at a later date in another way.

BL 🙂