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About Us

We are a family business and along with being fully qualified in all areas we practice in, we have a variety of life skills to bring to the table. We will design a unique program of Hypnosis Time Line Therapy , NLP, EFT and Matrix Reinprinting for effective, rapid results (two to three sessions is all it normally takes) to help you to set direction for yourself, both now and for your future that are positive, powerful and life changing .

We can assist you both consciously with NLP and EFT techniques and unconsciously with Hypnosis and suggestion. The choice of the techniques and the suggestions we use is totally yours to decide.

You will be amazed at the changes you can make to your future; you will be able to have more flexibility in your thinking and your behavior, while enjoying freedom of choice. We will teach you skills and techniques that you can carry with you always.


Master Hypnotherapist NLP practitioner and life coach. Time line Therapist, EFT and Matrix Reinprinting fully qualified therapist

“I have a background as a tutor and lecturer in Information technology and have very strong communication skills for both one to one and group sessions, I love to teach and empower. My workshops will give people the skills, strategies and confidence to handle life’s challenges. ”


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